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AstraZeneca and Amgen team up to develop five human monoclonal antibodies

AstraZeneca and Amgen have announced an agreement to jointly develop a portfolio of Amgen’s clinical stage human monoclonal antibodies.  The antibodies subject to the agreement are AMG 139 (anti-IL23), AMG 557 (anti-B7RP-1), AMG 181 (anti-α4/b7), AMG 157 (anti-TLSP) and AMG 827/brodalumab (anti IL-17RA). With the exception of AMG 827/brodalumab, all of the antibodies subject to the agreement are in phase 1/1b trials.

AstraZeneca will pay Amgen an up-front fee of $50 Million and the companies will share in the development costs and profits.   AstraZeneca will lead  the development and commercialization of  AMG 139, AMG 157 and AMG 181.  Amgen will lead in the development and commercialization of AMG557 and AMG 827/brodalumab.

Amgen will promote AMG827/brodalumab in the U.S. and Canada  for dermatology indications and in the U.S., Canada and Europe for rheumatology indications.  AstraZeneca will promote respiratory and, initially, dermatology indications outside the U.S., Canada and countries where Amgen has existing partnerships.

A copy of AstraZeneca’s press release may be found here.