Natural Resources

In addition to providing strategic advice, our team has successfully represented clients in high stakes patent litigation in the natural resources sector involving technology from hard rock directional drilling to oils sands tailings pond remediation. Our lawyers:

  • were successful as lead counsel on the seminal case which defined the test for anticipation by prior use in Canada in the context of a patent for a method to remove hydrogen sulphide from natural gas. (Baker Petrolite Corp. v. Canwell Enviro-Industries Ltd. 2002 FCA 158)
  • successfully represented SNF Inc., a French based chemical manufacturer, in their successful impeachment of a patent for the use of polymers in oil sands remediation.   (2014 FC 616)
  • represent Coil Solutions Inc. in a suit by Varco. I/P, Inc., et al for infringement of a patented coiled tubing injector system (Varco. I/P, Inc., et al  v. Coil Solutions Inc. (T-229-18)
  • represent Aziwell  AS in a patent infringement suit by Devicos AS et al with respect to directional drilling technology. (T-429-18)
  • successfully represented Thermon Manufacturing Co. in resisting an application to amend the named inventors of a patent on pipe heating cable used in mining operations.  (Drexan Energy Systems Inc. v. Canada (Commissioner of Patents)2014 FC 887)
  • successfully represent F.P. Maragoni and Daniel Pomerleau in a patent infringement suit involving drilling fluid recovery and recycling technology. (T-1969-12)
  • successfully defended Suncor Energy Inc. in a patent infringement action in the Federal Court of Canada involving Suncor’s oil sands tailings pond remediation technology.